KITCHEN ORDERS I will gladly answer any questions that you may have regarding furniture or custom cabinetry for your home or office. During normal business hours of 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, I will respond within 24 hours to any orders or questions you may have. Most often you will get a response from me the same day.

Although I have a line of furniture for selection and purchase, John’s Furniture and Cabinets is primarily a custom shop. The Kitchen cabinets on this website are there to give you a perspective on the style of woodworking that I enjoy. I will build and use the wood of your choice to your exact specifications for any project that you desire.

John's Furniture and Cabinets designs custom kitchen cabinetry. My personal and professional goal is to design, build and install a kitchen that is custom-tailored to your unique lifestyle.


1.) If you already have a set of plans designed by your architect or designer, I will provide a quote, at no charge, based on the plans you provide.

2.) You may call, fax or e-mail me at the numbers listed above and I will gladly, at no charge, discuss your project.

3.) After our initial discussion, if you would like me to design your kitchen and provide a quote, we will confirm a personal appointment. My fees are then $55.00 per hour plus any incidental cost. If you like the submitted design, I will then provide you with a quote for the cost of building, delivery and installation of your project. Fifty percent of the design fee will be applied to the cost of the completed project, upon acceptance of my bid.

Installation cost can vary depending on the age of the house and the level and squareness of the room(s). Additionally, unforeseen problems can present themselves when old cabinets are removed. There may be dry or wet rot, plumbing that needs repair or replacement, electrical changes, etc. These are factors that are unknown until tear out and installation begins. The installation price can vary somewhat because of these unforeseen situations. Installation is $450.00 per day, per person.


I only build kitchen cabinets on a customer request and approval basis and require a 70 percent deposit to initiate a custom order.

On kitchen orders, a contract with drawing(s) must be signed for approval and returned with the 70 percent deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit, I will send you a written confirmation and time frame for building, delivery and installation. If you are going through a remodel, it is important to keep me abreast of the progress and, most importantly, any changes that could cause a problem or delay with installation. When your order is near completion I will contact you to set a delivery date and time. The balance is then due prior to shipment. John’s Furniture and Cabinets accepts personal checks, money orders and cashiers’ checks.


Most orders take between 12 and 14 weeks to build. Delivery then takes an additional week. I will contact you prior to shipment and confirm the date and time of delivery.


The Kitchen Cabinetry has a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and will be free of defects. Should there be any failures at any time during the lifetime of the original owner due to material or workmanship, I will repair or replace the piece. This warranty assumes normal wear and tear and excludes any natural disaster or misuse of the cabinetry. As with any furniture, maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and consequently this warranty excludes the finish.

All finishes will show wear and tear over time. The finish that is applied is a water white lacquer finish (or Tung Oil finish, if ordered). For a lacquer finish, four coats are applied on the backside of the doors and drawer fronts and six coats on the front of all exposed surfaces. I will make sure that you know, to your complete satisfaction, how to properly care for and maintain the lacquer or Tung Oil finish of your work. I take great pride in my work and, with a little care, that pride will then become yours for many years to come.

PHONE: 707 496 0375
FAX: 707 839 1640