Turn your ideas and vision into beautiful custom cabinetry!

It's easy!

John's Furniture & Cabinets offers extensive design talent to help.

By simply providing a bit of information we can mold your ideas into a reality.
Here's all you need to consider and provide:


What are the room dimensions?

Measuring the available space is the starting point.It isn't necessary to be exact however, it's best to use a steel tape measure that spans your longest run rather than struggling with a ruler, yard stick, or cloth tape.

Take room dimensions, including all dimensions around the room. For doors and windows measure to the outside of the casings. Click here to see a sample. Please measure floor-to-ceiling height as well. There may be a variance so it's best to measure in more than one place.


What are your "must haves"?

Think about and list any particulars that will make your room the most practical, user friendly and convenient for you.


What appliances will the cabinetry need to accomodate?

Provide a list of appliances in the room. Our goal is to get everything to fit properly.


What is your budget?

Call or email to get started!

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