CRAFTSMANSHIP Wood is a natural renewable resource and when harvested correctly is fully sustainable. I strive to build custom furniture that will last as long or longer than it took the tree to grow. This shows respect of the environment, respect for my work and respect to my clients.

Furniture:My furniture is crafted by hand. The wood is carefully selected to enhance the beauty of each individual piece. On furniture doors, drawer fronts and tops I use solid wood or make my own veneers. Often I order the wood up to two inches thick and re-sawn the wood to create a book-matched piece of work. Tabletops can be solid wood or I custom-make a veneer to ensure that each piece is similar in grain and color.

Drawers are constructed of solid wood and dovetailed. Drawer bottoms are made of a plywood veneer. The species of wood for drawers is usually maple. Other species of wood to match the piece, or aromatic cedar can be substituted for additional cost.

All furniture can be ordered in the species of wood desired or I am happy to make recommendations to create the project you envision. Cherry, Birds Eye Maple, Mahogany, Walnut and other woods are available. The exotic woods from Africa and South America such as Rosewood, Wenge, Babinga and Ebony can be used for exceptional highlights.

I offer two choices for completed finishes.

After the piece is assembled and finely sanded, it is sealed with a water white lacquer sanding sealer and then four coats of water white semi gloss lacquer is also applied. This finish provides for a very smooth feel to the touch and one that resists water, alcohol, stains, mild heat and cold. Maintenance is simple and requires only a feather duster or damp cloth.


Once the piece is assembled and finely sanded, three thin coats of Tung Oil are applied. After each application, the piece is wiped down and each coat is allowed to dry thoroughly. After each coat is thoroughly dried it is buffed with fine steel wool. The Tung Oil finish becomes the woods’ protection from the elements. Reapplying Tung Oil will then depend on the frequency with which a piece is being used and wiped down. An end table would require treatment once a year or so, a dining room table possibly every three or four months, or monthly depending on use. A basic rule of thumb is: if the finish is dull and the luster is gone, it is time to apply a new coat of Tung Oil. Tung Oil finishes are applied by hand and subsequently are quite labor intensive. A five percent surcharge is added for completed furniture requested with a Tung Oil finish.

A bottle of Tung Oil, steel wool and a lint free cloth are provided with each hand-finished piece.

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